Ultraman General Meetings Sunfest PolyCultural Weekend Family Olympics Winter Formal

General Weekend Events

CSA puts on general events almost every weekend for their members, whether it be a bonfire at a beach, a BBQ at someones house, or even a movie night. Our goal is to give our members something to do on the weekends.


Do you burn with a passion for competition? Do you enjoy stuffing your face or someone else’s with watermelon? Then Ultraman is the perfect event to take part in! Ultraman is CSA’s kick starter to the school year, in which families compete in different games at the beach. As a new member, you will be temporarily assigned into a CSA family just for Ultraman. This is a chance to interact with many of our returning members and see all the different families of CSA.
Ultraman Snake
Ultraman Water Challenge
Ultraman Balloon Run
Ultraman Family Snake

Big/Little Program

Join CSA’s Big/Little program to either take a new member under your wing or become a part of one of CSA’s loving families. Bigs and Littles are matched based on the detailed answers you give on your provided forms. For three weeks, Littles will give a small gift and write letters to their mystery Big, professing their deepest, darkest secrets…or any information to let their Big get to know them. In return for writing such heartfelt letters, Bigs will spoil their Littles with awesome gifts, candy…and other surprises. After the exchange process, the Littles will go through their right of passage at Revealing. This is a Friday night event where Littles will be provided costumes from their Bigs to perform various tasks. After proving themselves, Littles will unveil the mystery of their Big and spend time getting to know their awesome family!
CSA Revealing
CSA Big Little Pairing
CSA Big Little Passing Gifts
CSA Big And Littles

Thanksgiving Banquet

Thanksgiving, a time for juicy turkey, gravy, and a huge banquet to give thanks for the friends and family we’ve made in CSA. All of CSA’s members, past and present, are invited to attend this giant potluck style dinner together. Bond with your Big/Little while making a dish that feeds around 5-6 people. The event takes place at an off-campus venue where each family will have their designated tables to sit down and taste the wonderful cooking that has been prepared. After dinner has been served, sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained. Speeches of thanks, music renditions, and any other entertainment acts from CSA members are welcome to get up on stage and perform for the rest of the club. Round off the night with Cal Poly’s Lion Dance Team and CSA’s hip-hop dance group Take Out Kidz.
CSA Members Enjoying Thanksgiving!
CSA Thanksgiving Potluck Style
CSA Members Perform
CSA Thanksgiving Turkey

Chinese New Year Banquet

The start of winter quarter welcomes the arrival of the lunar new year. CSA honors this traditional holiday with a dinner and show that invites the San Luis Obispo community to join our special cultural celebration. Guests enjoy Chinese cuisine while entertained by our very own Lion Dance Team, Take Out Kidz, Wushu Taichi Center, and the annual play production written, directed, and performed by CSA members. Expect a fun and festive evening to ring in Chinese New Year. Gung hay fat choy!
Chinese New Year Banquet Tables
Lion Dance Team Performing
Chinese New Year Attendees
TOK Performs at Chinese New Year Banquet

Senior Banquet

After showing dedication to the club, CSA returns the favor by honoring its graduating seniors. Speeches are made and hearts are full of laughter as the seniors enjoy one more night as an undergraduate in CSA. Help send off the soon-to-be Cal Poly alumni with a memorable last dinner and good wishes for their exciting new future. Prices for the tickets to attend this event will be announced at the meetings prior to the date of the banquet.
Alumni and Seniors Attend Senior Banquet
Senior Banquet Performances
Senior Banquet Food
Saying Farewells to our Seniors